Tax obligations of “FREELANCERS”

Although there were announcements that the work of so-called "freelancers" will be defined by a special law with the working title "Law on Flexible Forms of Work", for now we...

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Annual inventory

The inventory is the procedure for determining the actual state of total assets and liabilities of a legal entity (and entrepreneur) on a certain day during the business year....

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The effects of a marriage contract

On immovable property that was acquired during the marriage, joint ownership of the spouses on the entire immovable property is entered in the cadaster, based on the fact of the...

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Adverse possession and Conciseness

Adverse possession (Usucapio), as an original legal way of acquiring property was envisaged by the Law of the XII Table (450 BC). The term "usucapio" itself, decomposed into two...

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New Law on Consumer Protection

Just a few months in 2020 were due for consumers to reorient themselves from shopping in stores and shopping centers to online shopping. Up to that moment, the majority of...

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