Offering legal support in all areas of law

With thorough knowledge and understanding of the local regulatory environment and our clients business needs, we provide unique and comprehensive advice effectively focusing on their needs

We provide unique and comprehensive advice to our clients effectively focusing on their needs


We firmly believe that without expertise in court and arbitration proceedings it is impossible to competently advise and represent the interests of the client. Our litigators combine strong trial experience with a client-oriented focus and therefore have earned a well-deserved reputation for handling complex disputes across multiple disciplines. Our lawyers have experience in all types of disputes in the field of contractual and corporate law, criminal proceedings, banking and insurance, as well as labour, family law, inheritance law, property, construction law, and intellectual property rights etc. Many years of experience and high statistics of performance in the most difficult conflicts, has resulted in the trust of our clients who engage us for the most complex disputes. 

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We have gained a lot of experience by representing our clients in numerous court proceedings in the field of criminal law, both in simpler and in the most complex criminal cases. Our lawyers represent our clients for criminal offenses before regular courts throughout the Republic of Serbia, departments for organized crime, war crimes, cybercrimes, and anti-corruption in the following areas:

  • Violent crimes
  • Commercial crime
  • Criminal offences against property
  • Criminal offenses against public transport

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We advise and assist Serbian and international companies in the most complex transactions across various industries, also assisting them on all aspects of buying and selling companies and businesses, often involving a cross-border element. We also guide you throughout the entire life cycle of your company, from establishment to dissolution. In providing our corporate advice we will consider not only legal matters but also the client’s industry, related regulatory requirements, business model, as well as the other critical issues addressed by the client. Our corporate team provides day-to-day support in handling various corporate formalities, and support in matters concerning corporate governance, such as advice to the board of directors, shareholders and senior management.

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We have a broad experience of Serbian and international contract law, standard agreements and industry customs in most commercial and industrial sectors. We assist the companies in drafting and negotiation of general business agreements. The unique combination of expertise in dispute resolution and in general commercial law puts us in a position to provide practical and efficient advice about optimizing the structure of a client’s contracts. We anticipate and provide solutions for avoiding problems in order to achieve a fruitful business relationship.

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We assist the companies to develop policies and procedures that provide constructive employee relations and reduce potential workplace risk and liabilities. Based on our wide experience in this area, we are able to develop and implement practical solutions to legislative and regulatory changes. Our team of specialized employment attorneys will ensure that clients and their businesses are fully compliant.

Our services include:

  • Drafting internal employment by-laws
  • Drafting employment contracts
  • Drafting management agreements
  • Advising clients throughout the procedure for termination of employment agreement and other procedures related to the status of the employee and drafting of necessary documentation
  • Representing clients facing union campaigns
  • Representing management in collective bargaining negotiations
  • Labour litigations
  • Labour arbitrations

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A significant part of the work of the the practice is dedicated to the proceedings related to family relations with a special emphasis on the protection of children’s interests. In addition to the active efforts on a peaceful and consensual solution, the office represents the clients in the following procedures:


  • Divorces
  • Parental rights exercises
  • Child support
  • Application of measures to protect against domestic violence
  • Proceedings with the foreign element, with special experience in the application of the Hague Convention on the Civil and Legal Aspects of International Child Abduction

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Real Estate

We advise our clients on all aspects of buying and selling commercial, industrial and residential properties. Our goal is to guide you through legal processes minimizing the costs and shortening the time necessary for closing of the transaction.

Our service includes:

  • Real estate acquisitions, including due diligence, and the sale and purchase agreements
  • Construction contracts
  • Conversion procedures
  • Construction permits and related permits
  • Real estate portfolio management

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Data security is becoming a primary concern for governments and businesses around the world. Due to GDPR and the increased threat data breaches pose, together with the high costs related to protection from these attacks, as well as the costly consequences of data privacy non-compliance, this becomes one of the focus areas both for our clients and us.

Our services in this area include, but are not limited to:

  • Legal counselling in the field of the collection, processing, keeping and the security of personal data
  • Legal counselling regarding the possibilities for data transfer from the Republic of Serbia
  • Legal counselling on the issues of processing particularly sensitive data
  • Legal counselling in the field of employees’ privacy rights
  • The harmonization of the companies internal acts with the applicable national and international regulations
  • The Representation in this area before the Commissioner for Information of Public Importance and Personal Data Protection, public administration bodies and courts

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