Nevena Pandurski


Corporate and trade law
Labor law and mobbing
Contract law
Consumer protection

Full bio

Nevena Pandurski is a Senior Associate in the GS&M Law Office.

The focus of her work is providing daily legal support to the clients of the office in the field of commercial law, labor and contract law, with a special emphasis on trade law and retail business.

Many years of work as in house lawyer in a trade company, in a specific way shaped her approach to legal issues and focused her work on providing full support to legal entities in the field of labor law, commercial law, competition protection, advertising, lease, corporate law and contract law with particularly extensive experience in trade and retail.

She gained additional education in the field of HR Management, Internal Labor Dispute Resolution and Mobbing processing.

She graduated from the Faculty of Law in Belgrade. She took her first professional steps as a trainee lawyer, passed the Bar exam and started her career in the company as an In house lawyer. After a decade of working in the trade company, she became a member of the GS&M law team.

Nevena is fluent in English and Serbian, and has an intermediate level of French and the basics knowledge of Italian language.


Knićaninova 3
11000 Belgrade

+381 11 3222 921
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